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Where is the Best Waterfowl Hunting in Canada?

In the last few years, Alberta has quickly become Canada's number 1 waterfowl hunting province. While the waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan and Manitoba has historically been good, Alberta has become the top waterfowl destination in Canada for waterfowlers all over the world. 

Dry conditions and an astonishing amount of waterfowl hunting pressure in Saskatchewan have pushed the migration west in the last 5-10 years. Our team guided waterfowl hunts in Saskatchewan for 5 years and became tired of battling other hunters and guides for “the good spot”. Since moving our operations to Alberta 6 years ago we have found an oasis with a vast amount of birds and very little hunting pressure. 

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Better Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities in Alberta

Better Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities in Alberta

While guiding waterfowl hunts in Saskatchewan we became frustrated with the law that doesn’t allow the hunting of Canada geese and Specklebelly geese in the afternoon. Alberta has no such law and gives us and our hunters the freedom to hunt what we want, when we want. 

Manitoba's waterfowl hunting draw system that has recently come into place will limit hunting opportunities for many as not all hunters in a group will be drawn, making it difficult to plan a trip ahead. 

Alberta’s outfitting industry is highly regulated and we are a proud member of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society. Alberta is legally restricted to a very small amount of outfitters allowed to operate and this ensures our birds are never over hunted, and allows plenty of opportunity for everyone. Outfitting in the rest of Canada is not nearly as regulated, allowing for a near free for all and in some cases a catastrophic amount of hunting pressure from the numerous outfitters. 

With very minimal hunting pressure and incredibly high waterfowl populations, we are confident that we will meet your every need in Alberta.

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